Christina Quek  (Ikebana Artist / Floral Designer)

Christina Quek has over 28 years’ of floristry experience, including running her own floristry business, Yamano Florist & Ikebana School (Yamano). For the love and passion of flower art, Christina spent years in Japan to pursue her Ikebana studies from The Sogetsu School of Ikebana of Japan (1st to 4th grade) and Kokusai Ikebana Gakuin Japan. She is specializes in Sogetsu Ikebana, a fresh style that encourages finding inspiration in everything and not placing limits on creativity. In her floristry career, she conducted and attended various courses and workshops in Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia organized by a reputable institution to develop a broader perspective of the latest information on modern floral designs.

Christina’s Ikebana design focuses on the shapes of the flower, stems, leaves, container, line of plant material and the balance of floral colours together with the display ambient. The arrangement  is brought together to symbolize harmony between humans and nature.